Yale University Researchers Study New Energy Source

As we head into the future the need for alternative sources of energy becomes a hugely discussed topic. As our reserves of fossil fuels deplete and the pollution produced by using them to create energy grows, the World is searching for a sustainable source that is eco-friendly.

Two researchers from Yale University, Ngai Yin Yip and Menachem Elimelech, believe that they have found just what we need. The pair have been studying the amount of energy that could be created from water as it passes from a river into the sea and believe it has great potential. [Read more...]

Brain Tumor Risk Increased By Dental X-rays

A team of researchers from Yale University have released the results of a study that investigated into the link between a common type of brain tumor and dental X-rays. The results showed an increased risk of falling victim to brain tumors when exposed to the radiation produced during dental X-rays.

The team studied 1,400 patients over a number of years and the individuals exposed to dental X-rays once per year were up to twice as likely to develop brain cancer. [Read more...]

Genetic Link To Autism Discovered By University Researchers

A group of researchers from Yale University have discovered a genetic link to autism. The university scientists studied data taken from more than 200 families that have a child with autism. A group of common genes was discovered in the families which could lead to earlier detection methods and a better understanding of how to treat the condition in the future. [Read more...]

Ten Colleges With Crazy Secret Societies

We’ve all heard about them—those secretive, kind of creepy, super exclusive college societies that are supposedly responsible for the assassination of JFK and the attack on the Twin Towers. But did you know just how many colleges actually claim secret societies? There are quite a few in America alone, and it’s probably a good bet that more than a few will surprise you. So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the top colleges with a sneaky and surprising past: [Read more...]

Yale University Uncovers New Possible Treatment For Baldness

Researchers from Yale University have discovered stem cells in the fatty layer of skin that could lead to a cure for baldness. Tests on mice revealed that these fatty skin cells have the ability to reanimate the stem cells in the follicles, which in turn will lead to hair growth. Baldness affects millions of people around the World and the recent discovery may just lead to a modern treatment for this age old problem. [Read more...]

Yale Safety Study Funded By Medtronic

Due to criticism from The Spine Journal, regarding the safety and negative effects of their spinal fusion product, Infuse, the makers, Medtronic have made a deal with Yale University in which Medtronic will pay a total of $2.5 million to Yale to conduct an extensive study into the positive and negative effects of their product, Infuse. Infuse is currently used in spinal fusion surgery, in which vertebrae are fused together in an attempt to treat back pain. [Read more...]

Yale Raises Over $3 billion In Five Year Fundraising Campaign

Yale University has completed a fundraising campaign, which lasted for five years and raised about $3.88 billion for the school. The ‘Yale Tomorrow’ campaign started in 2006 and by 2008 had a goal to raise $3.5 billion. $857 million was raised just the last 12 months and ten donors gave more than $50 million each, including Liberty Media Corp chairman, John C Malone who made a donation of $50 million to help fund the hiring of 10 engineering professors. The president of Yale, Richard C Levin said; “The Yale Tomorrow campaign has made Yale a stronger institution and magnified our impact on the world. I am grateful for the extraordinary support of our donors. Many generations of students will benefit from this generosity.” [Read more...]

Ancient Artifacts Returned To Machu Picchu After 100 Years At Yale

The first set of artifacts from Yale University’s collection were returned to their home in Peru. The items were taken from the ancient Aztec city of Cuzco for research purposes about 100 years ago. A long custody argument was started by officials in Peru, who said that the relics were only supposed to leave the country for a few months and after research had been conducted were meant to be returned. Now after a century the first batch of 350, out of a total of 46,332 to be returned, have arrived safely in their rightful place.

[Read more...]

Criticism Forces Yale to Cancel Anti-Semitism Program

Yale University will stop the anti-semitism program it offers, after a faculty committee decided it didn’t comply with the the standards upheld by the school, regarding teaching and research, which state that the program didn’t teach enough students, or provide enough scholarly evidence. However, The Anti-Defamation League has criticized the move and are saying that the motives of the cancellation were political and that the school made the decision following requests from various individuals, including Maen Rashid Areikat, ambassador of PLO. [Read more...]

Yale Under Investigation for Title IX Violations

Following an increased number of female student filing complaints regarding sexual harassment, an investigation has been launched into whether Yale is in violation of Title IX, which is in place to protect students from sex discrimination. A total of 16 students from Yale have recently filed complaints, which include male students holding up sexist posters outside the Women’s Center and sexist chants being said.

If found guilty of the violation, Yale could stand to loose about $500 million in Government funding. The Office for Civil Rights is looking into it. [Read more...]