Photojournalist Receives Settlement From University Of California

Officials at the University of California, Berkeley have decided to settle with David Morse, a volunteer photojournalist who was arrested whilst filming a protest at a school residence in 2009. Morse claimed he was wrongfully arrested and decided to begin court proceedings against the university.

The board of regents for the University of California will pay Morse a total of $162,500 to cover legal fees, money he had to pay for bail at the time and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of his arrest. [Read more...]

University Study Warns Of Leatherback Turtle Extinction

A recent study conducted by a number of government agencies and educational institutes, including Princeton University and Drexel University, warns that the leatherback turtle could be extinct by the end of this century. Climate changes are making the lives of the turtle more difficult than they already are.

From the moment the turtle eggs are laid, they are at risk from a number of potential threats. Poachers, fishing nets and the vast amount of creatures that feast on the young turtles in the ocean are just some of the dangers that threaten the leatherback. [Read more...]

Student Sues University To Finish Doctorate Degree

Legal action is being taken against the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by an ex-student who claims she was unfairly treated whilst studying at the school. Padmapriya Ashokkumar started her doctoral program in computer science in 2002. However, as a result of her university advisor copying her work, she made a formal complaint. Ashokkumar claimed that Scott Henninger, a computer science professor at the time, plagiarized her work. [Read more...]

University Student Hospitalized After Chimp Attack

A University of Texas graduate student was dragged into a chimp enclosure and repeatedly bitten by two chimpanzees on Friday. The 26 year old student, Andrew Oberle, was standing between the two barriers surrounding the enclosure at the South African sanctuary whilst giving a talk to a group of tourists. The chimps grabbed his feet and pulled him under the inner fence of their enclosure.

Oberle was dragged approximately half a mile through the enclosure and suffered serious injuries, including the loss of an ear and parts of his fingers. Much of the skin on one leg was also missing. [Read more...]

Spray On Battery Developed At Rice University

Scientists at Texas based Rice University have developed a paint that operates as a rechargeable battery when sprayed onto a surface. The paint is sprayed on in layers to recreate the structure of a lithium-ion battery, which are used in just about every mobile device available.

The engineers responsible for the new creation explain that the paint can be sprayed on just about any surface and can be administered with a regular airbrush. [Read more...]

University Of Texas Researchers Hack Flying Drone

Researchers from the University of Texas have managed to hack the GPS system of a flying drone and redirect it. The actions of the team however were encouraged by the US Department of Homeland Security. They were asked to attempt to hack the drone as a security check and spent just $1,000 on the equipment needed.

The fact that the team were successful in their mission will most certainly prompt questions about the security put in place to avoid such actions. [Read more...]

New Workout Regulations For Student Athletes

Many individuals are calling for new regulations to be put in place to govern how sports coaches conduct their workout and conditioning training regimes. More than 20 student football players have died since the year 2000 during these conditioning workouts. At this time there are rules governing the actual games and practices, but now officials are seeking to make the conditioning sessions just as safe.

Between 2000 and 2011 no football players died during an actual game and it is thought that regulations concerning limits of the amount and weight of equipment worn by the players and the number of training sessions and practices are also limited. [Read more...]

University Of Missouri To Cut Jobs In 2013

Curators for the University of Missouri system have approved to cut more than $35 million in jobs and school programs in the 2013 fiscal year. Officials have said the cuts are needed to balance the annual budget, which is due to rise to over $2.7 billion, not including planed salary increases for faculty who show talent.

The president of the university system, Tim Wolfe, explained that with the economy being slow and reductions in state funding, the move is necessary to ensure a balance in expenditure and available funds. [Read more...]

Northwestern University Evacuated Following Electrical Problem

Three buildings on the campus of Northwestern University were evacuated after fears a transformer could explode. The transformer is located in an electrical vault close to the school’s Technological Institute and was said to be overloaded, which is what caused the worries. No one was injured during the ordeal and the transformer didn’t explode.

The Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center, the Center for Catalysis and Surface Science and the Technological Institute were evacuated today at about 2:30pm. The group of building make up the main body of the school’s science department. [Read more...]

Radiation Therapy Program To Be Offered At National University

Starting next April, National University will begin offering students the chance to enrol on their new radiation therapy bachelor program. The continuing rise for the need of experienced and qualified individuals who can work in areas of health care that deals with radiation therapy has prompted the introduction of the new course. Cancer is one of the biggest causes for the need of such individuals.

The qualification can be studied on the school’s Costa Mesa campus and will also be broadcast via video to the Rancho Cordova campus. [Read more...]