Online High School Diplomas: Are They For Real?

Education is changing, and for the better. Mainly, it is becoming more accessible and customizable, making it easier for anyone to participate. When you think of online education, your mind probably goes to college courses, right? It wouldn’t be surprising if it did, given that is the most common type of Internet education class.

But did you know there are now online high schools? These are genuinely accredited online high school programs that allow you to learn everything you need to get a diploma. All in your own time, from the comfort of your home. Some are full programs, and some are partial to help make up credits toward finishing high school, such as in the case of a failed class.

Are Online High School Diplomas The Real Deal?

Yes, these are real. With the popularity of online colleges rising, and more students opting for technical high schools instead of traditional schools, Internet programs began to pop up. They are certified both by state and federal agencies, and follow by the same curriculum as a regular school.  There will be no distinguishable difference between and online or traditional diploma.

Who Benefits From An Online High School?

These are great options for anyone who has found themselves unable to cope with traditional education environments. For example, if you can’t do well surrounded by others or need more one on one attention, you can get it through an online instructor. If you have failed a class or two and don’t want to go to summer school to graduate, you can do an online course for those credits so you can graduate at the correct time.

You will also find these helpful for students who want to graduate early, or who have to work while going to school. In fact, there have been great successes to getting people who have dropped out back into school using online high school programs.

What About A GED?

Of course, a GED is always an alternative. But they are not as good as diplomas, not by a long shot. While a diploma proves you have learned everything set by the national standard to graduate, a GED shows only you know the minimum amount to pass a standardized test. While both are acceptable for moving on to college or getting a job, employers do see them in different ways. So do colleges, and your options will be limited with a GED.

Are There Programs For Both Teens And Adults?

Actually, yes. There are two main types of high school: student age and adult. Each are usually catered to the specific age group, and factor in schedule, necessary credits, finished education and various other elements that make it necessary to have a specially catered plan. This makes it much more beneficial for the user, who is looking for a customized program.

How Much Do They Cost?

This will depend on several things, such as how many years you need to complete, the school in question, whether it is a full online course or partially on campus and quality. Most seem to be around $300 per year, from what I have seen. But you can usually find local programs run through community college that are $50 per semester, or so.

Keep in mind if you do a community college high school course, they don’t always start you off online. Instead, they give you packets to complete, and eventually switch you to an online class after a few months. You also have to do tests on campus a few times per month.

How Do I Know Which Program Is Right For Me?

It is a matter of preference. But you should look for the price, the accrediting agency, whether they are recommended by your state’s education board and partial campus versus full online diploma programs. These elements should give you a good idea on whether or not an online high school is right for you.


Online high school programs give everyone the chance at an education that can cater to their needs. If you have found traditional education doesn’t work for you, this might be a good alternative. Find out more today.

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