10 Most Rewarding Career Paths

Your choice of career is possibly the most important decision you will make within your lifetime, therefore it is essential that you opt for a career choice that you will find rewarding and motivates you to get up in the morning. When it comes to a picking a career path many people search for something that pays well and has prospects for promotion. However, choosing a career that is personally rewarding can make for a much happier lifestyle, which many people consider more of a benefit than just the monetary value of a particular job.


A teaching position is a popular choice of many individuals who want fulfilment from their job. The knowledge that you have the ability to make a real difference in the way a student views and understands a specific topic, or the fact that you are able to convey your own experiences to help people learn can be very rewarding to some people. There are many different levels of teaching positions, from kindergarten to university professor, plus your CV will benefit from having the fact that you were, or are a teacher written on it.


If you like to help people and have a thirst to constantly learn new and exiting things then a career in nursing could be the ideal choice for you. Helping the sick and saving lives is obviously a very rewarding experience and the fact that you can do these things each and every day makes a career in nursing maybe one of the most rewarding opportunities.


If you are a creative person and enjoy drawing, painting or sculpture then a career in art or design could be the way to go. Artists are sought after in many different employment sectors including architecture, advertising and product design. It can be very rewarding to many people to see their work on display, whether it’s a building they helped design, or a huge advertisement they helped design hanging on a billboard.

Charity Worker

For me and I’m sure many others also, a charity position could be the best choice if you are looking for a rewarding job position. Within a charity position you would be able to help those less fortunate than yourself and make a difference in the lives of people who would otherwise suffer without your help.


There are many different types of engineering positions available in a vast range of work sectors. A lot of people would find it rewarding to be involved in an engineering project. Whether it’s helping to engineer a new breakthrough medical device, or designing an advanced computer system, you are bound to find something you will be able to fully throw yourself into and make every day exiting.

Social Worker

Social workers are responsible for ensuring children are kept out of harms way. There may be nothing more rewarding than helping a child get out of a bad parenting situation and making them feel safe. The variety of circumstances you could find yourself in is endless, which can make for a rich and long-lived career.

Emergency Services

There are a number of emergency service careers available. Each day they work to save lives of those in need. Whether you choose to be a firefighter, a police officer, paramedic or part of a mountain rescue team you are guaranteed to feel a strong sense of pride within your work. Nearly every situation a member of the emergency services has to deal with will be different from the last and is guaranteed to satisfy your sense of adventure.


Being a chef allows you to use your creative abilities in the food you create. For some individuals, cooking becomes a passion and to do it as a career can be a dream come true. The personal satisfaction you get from seeing your cuisine masterpieces being enjoyed by others is extremely rewarding. If you like the hustle and bustle found within a fast-paced catering environment a chef could be the ideal choice of career.


If you have a passion for animals and wish to enjoy the feeling you get from nursing sick animals back to health a job as a vet would definitely be the career choice for you. Veterinarians obviously have to take the rough with the smooth, but if it is your passion and you enjoy working towards improving the health of all different types of pets and wild creatures, being a vet can be an extremely rewarding career choice.


Working as a doctor obviously isn’t going to be everyone’s first choice. There are long hours and some really difficult situations you will have to face. However, being a doctor can be very rewarding, not just because of the higher than average salary, but also because of the pride you can take in your work and not forgetting the social benefits that come with having the ‘DR.’ title.

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