7 Things You Should Know About a Company Before An Interview

Before you attend any job interview it is important to conduct research into the company’s history, mission statement and also how they operate as a business. Researching certain details can give you the edge over other interviewees and shows the employer that you are willing to make an effort to fit in with their company and also show resourcefulness.

There are various ways in which you can acquire the information about a specific company needed before you attend an interview. An obvious one would be to check their website. A company’s website will include details of their missions statement and their ‘about us’ page can offer an insight into what the company offers and how they deliver their specific services. Google finance can offer information about a company’s financial profile and details of their recent financial dealings. Letters the company has written to their shareholders can also be found online and will detail some of the important aspects of their proposed changes and also how they have performed over a period of time.

Here are some of the things you should know before they attend an interview:

Mission Statement: A company’s mission statement is perhaps the most important thing to read before attending an interview with them. By reading their mission statement you can find out exactly what the company wants to offer their clients and you can incorporate that when answering questions during the interview.

Company History: Knowing the history of the company you have an interview with allows you to show how interested you are in working for them. Reading up on their history can also prove to the interviewer that you have done your research.

What the company has to offer: This is an obvious one really, but also a point that many individuals don’t complete fully. Before you even apply for a position within the company you probably know what they provide, but quite often they will offer many services you were not aware of.

Promotion Opportunities: If you are looking to be promoted within the company you are applying for after a certain amount of time it is essential to research whether that’s going to be possible. Try to find out the requirements needed to receive a promotion and whether the company also has the space for the required position.

Interviewers Profile: When possible, try to conduct research into the person’s role within the company who will be interviewing you. You may find out what they consider to be an ideal candidate for the position, or their recent hiring habits.

Reputation: Researching the company’s reputation will help you to base your interview answers around your ability to keep in with their reputation.

Work environment: Finding out what type of environment you will be expected to work in is an essential factor to look into before you attend any interview. You will obviously want to know what the area and the other employees are like before you commit yourself.

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