Higher Tuition Fees Approved By University of Iowa

Students hoping to attend the University of Iowa will be looking at a raise of up to forty percent in their tuition fees. Each individual sector is facing an increase, engineering courses are expected to go up by twenty percent, due to the recent approvals by the Board of Regents in Iowa. The nursing sector is one of the most affected, with an increase of 41.1%, raising the cost to $8,662 each year.

Overall the extra tuition fees are expected to raise an extra $17.4 million and will be a well needed financial aid in times of huge budget cuts and reduced educational government funding.

Out of the nine regents who voted, seven were for the increase of fees and only two against. Ruth Harkin, one of the regents who voted against, said “It’s really our responsibility to keep tuition down and we are not serving the needs of students by raising tuition”.

Student president, John Rigby, believes that the rise in cost will be a lot for freshmen to cope with and may restrict certain students with a lower income.

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