Best Electronics for College Students

Being a college student is hard in its right. What might not be so complex is deciding what your budget can afford from what it cannot. Needless to say, with the advancement of technology, the school system is becoming more and more advanced. iPad’s, Kindle’s smartphones and other electronics are becoming an ever present sight on many campuses and you might be wondering what might be a good electronic investment and what might not be. In this article, we will cover seven of the most essential electronics/peripherals for college students as well as explain why we believe they are important.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15

Bose has long been recognized as a leader in the audio industry. Unfortunately their prices do represent their ultra-detail to perfection. But as anyone will tell you, you get what you pay for and in the case of Bose that statement rings true.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 noise canceling headphones are among the best that money can buy. While they are not the cheapest pair of headphones you will find, they do deliver. From personal experience, I was blown away when I first tested them. Not only do they cancel ambient noise very well, but they also provide unparalleled sound quality.

As we said before, you pay for what you get and ringing up at $299 the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 are definitely not the definition of cheap and affordable. But if you are like me who requires silence to concentrate on school/homework, than $299 might not be such a big price tag.

iPad 2

According to Apple, the original iPad changed everything. We’re sure Google and Microsoft would like to have a word with them on that, but it’s hard to disprove the wide adopting of the iPad and after playing with the device for a few minutes you will be able to see why so many people like it. Not only is it sleek and easy to use, but it has a huge list of features that just scream “perfect for college student!”
Thanks to iBooks, many of the textbooks that are required for your class can easily be found in digital format. Not only that but thanks to Nook and Kindle apps for the iPad, you have the entire Amazon and Barnes & Noble digital book store at your fingertips.

Not only that but thanks to Bluetooth a keyboard, an iPad made a great replacement for pen and paper and even a bulky notebook. Yes the iPad might not fit into your school budget as it has a starting price of $499, but it is within the price range of a netbook and way more fun to use anyways.

Xbox 360 S

This is one of those devices that can be your best friend and your biggest enemy at the same time. The reason why this device makes our list is not mainly because of its gaming features, but because of its strong media capabilities. Thanks to 250GB of storage you can hold your entire media collection on the device and thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Last fm, ESPN and many other third party service support, the Xbox 360 S is truly the best device to manage your entire media life.

For those who are familiar with the defects of the original Xbox 360 units, we should point out that Microsoft has taken care of most of those problems and thanks to their Red Ring of Death (RROD) guarantee; you should be in good luck when it comes to protecting your system from an unsuspecting malfunction or meltdown.


As your professor will tell you, reading is key to success. Needless to say, carrying around a backpack load of books is not the wisest or most convenient idea. But thanks to the huge popularity of eReader’s such as the Nook and Kindle, you can carry around hundreds of books on a device thinner than a pencil.

Of course, not every book is available for the Kindle or Nook, but there is a wide selection and that number grows every day. Not only that, but many textbooks are becoming available on the Kindle so it makes it a lot easier to manage your textbooks without having to worry about keeping them safe so you can sell them back.

Canon T3i

Canon has been considered the leader in photography both film and digital for decades and after using one of their camera’s you can see why. The T3i is an awesome entry level camera and is a step up your average point-and-shoot. Even though it is a lot less than Canon’s high-end DSLR’s it provides many of the features you would expect on such a camera for an affordable price. Not only that, but it shoots full 1080p video clips and can work with the entire line of Canon’s interchangeable lens.

The Canon T3i is perfect for those who need a camera that does more than a point and shoot but not necessarily have all the features of a mid-range or high-end model. You just might be surprised that you will develop a love for photography after holding one of these in your hand.

Sony HT-CT150

No dorm room is complete without a sound system to disturb the inhabitants of the hall. I kid, but in all truthfulness, there is going to come a time when you will want a sound system to go along with your movie/game night in your dorm. You might not have space for an entire 5.1 unit, but you can find ample space for a 1.1 system.

The Sony HT-CT150 provides superb sound for a reasonable price and thanks to its minimal design, it can fit almost anywhere there is room for a long slab of thin metal.

HP 2310e

You probably won’t realize the usefulness of a dual screen set up until you actually use one. A dual screen setup makes managing your social and academic life that much easier. Not only that, but thanks to the added screen real estate, you can type up a document while you read your notes from another one on the adjoining screen, or watch a YouTube video while studying history dates (not that we would suggest that).
Coming in at 23 inches and support HDMI and VGA out, this is the perfect monitor to hook up to your computer system or gaming system.

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