The Top 5 Degrees That are Best for Working Abroad

Because the United States economy is in a huge struggle during this time of attempted recovery, many people are finding that it is difficult to land a job in The States. Because of this (and other more personal reason), young people are looking into working abroad. I say young people because they are the majority of the college population. If you are considering working abroad then it is beneficial for you to know which degrees will help make it happen for you. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Education Degrees

Those with education degrees can find numerous opportunities working as teachers abroad. Those with degrees in English are especially in demand as so many people in other countries desire to learn English. This is usually because they need to know English in order to jump-start their own career, although some people want to learn English simply out of personal interest (just like American students chose to learn Latin for their high school foreign language requirement). If you get a degree in this area, you can teach at Military Universities, adult schools, and children’s schools where learning English is a requirement of graduation. The latter has the most opportunities as most foreign school require that their students learn English.

Public Administration and Sociology Degrees

Those who graduate with these types of degree really have the chance to make a difference in the world. These degrees ready you for working with foreign policy, human resources, international relations, and so much more. You can have degrees to work in the non-profit sector, foreign service offices, and relief work services. To get more advice on this work abroad opportunity you can contact the State Department of the United States.

Hotel Management Degrees

One of the most vibrant industries in the world is tourism. On a global level, it is really booming! By getting your degree in Hotel or Hospitality Management then you are opening an endless number of doors for working both at home and abroad. There are so many hot spots across the globe that you will literally have your pick of where you want to live and work. Some of the job environments that you can choose from are cruise lines, casinos, and resorts. You can explore careers in sports tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism and luxury tourism. The possibilities are endless!

Child Care Degrees

There are many people overseas that are in need of good, quality child care. If you get your degree in child care then you should have very little problem getting a job aboard taking care of the children of others. Many people choose to go overseas to work as au pairs, but an au pair is only someone who works with kids; they usually do not need any specialized education or degrees. If you have a degree you will have more opportunities though. With a degree in child care you can also work at day cares or teach preschool.

Medical Degrees

Those with medical degrees usually have no problem finding work in the United States. However, if you wish to see other parts of the world, your medical degree can come in real handy. There are several non-profit organizations overseas that would love to have American doctors and nurses come aboard their teams. You can work in populated cities or in small nations that are severely lacking in medical care. By doing the latter you can really make a difference with your education. One such organization is Doctors Without Borders. This is the type of organization that does not just stay in one place all of the time; much travel is required and this may be very appealing to some people.

Working abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience. It can also be the best way to support and provide a very comfortable existence for you and your family. Another thing to consider though is that getting a degree in one of the above areas may really pay off in the future. Even if it is easy for you to get work in the United States, one day it may not be so easy. By getting one of these degrees you are ensuring your future; you will have a backup plan in case you are unable to find employment in America.

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