The Best Careers for Left and Right Brained People

Did you know that who you are, what you are good at and what interests you depends heavily on whether or not you are left brained or right brained? This is because the two halves of the brain both work in different ways. They each have a different thought patterns and this leaves you with having stronger characteristics depending on which half of the brain is more dominant (although things can get pretty close with a person having a brain that works half and half; for example, someone may be 53% right brained and 47% left brained which really evens the playing field). But assuming that you are one or the other, what are the best jobs for you to consider?

Right Brained People

For those of you who are leaned heavily towards right brained thinking, you are typically more spontaneous and random in your thought patterns and behaviors. It is likely that you are someone who thinks in more subjective ways and are more intuitive then those who are more left brained in their thinking. Right brainers take different approaches to all things in life as compared to left brainers. This is because each part of the brain helps us to see most all things in life differently. Those who lean towards the right side of their brain are more likely to take more risks. They are also more likely to be more imaginative then left brained people. This is not to say that those who rely more on their left brain are not risk takers or lack imagination; it simply means that those who use their right brain more have these attributes in a way that is naturally and biologically stronger than left brained people. It has also been proven that those who are more right brained have a better understanding of images and numbers due to the capacity of their special perceptions. Knowing all of this, the following are jobs that are better suited to those with right brained tendencies:

  • Graphic designer
  • English Teacher/professor
  • Marketer
  • Radio/television producer or entertainer
  • Photographer
  • Designer (fashion, interior, etc.)

The above career choices require you to think creatively while not dealing with many numbers or figures which are more for the left brained people. Analytical thought processes are not for the right brainer.

Left Brained Thinkers

For those of you who are leaned heavily towards left brained thinking, you are typically more of a sequential thinker. You use a thought process that is rational and have viewpoints that are more objective; this comes in handy when analyzing things because analytical skills are highly common in left brainers. If you are left brained then you are likely good with numbers which makes it easier for you to understand far beyond the basic math skills that right brainers do. You are also more likely to have a firmer grasp on anything to do with science since that takes analytical thinking skills to excel in. Left brainers are obviously more logical in the way they think in order to be better at these types of things. They tend to put their focus on things that are safe and practical; things that they can strategize easily. Recognition and patterns are strong points for left brained thinkers because these things are centered more in reality than in pure creativity. Knowing all of this, the following jobs are better suited to those with left brained tendencies:

  • Science or mathematics teachers/professors
  • Psychologists, psychiatrics, counselors
  • Computer programmers
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys or paralegals
  • Human resources
  • Business management
  • Managers in general

While no one can determine for sure what career path they should follow based solely on whether they are right brained or left brained, taking some tests to find out how your mind works best can be a strong indicator of what path you should follow. Of course you should also take into consideration where your true interests lie. Even if you are left brained you can still be a good graphic designer; it just may take a bit more effort on your part. The same goes for right brained people who want to become science teachers. They can certainly do so but it may just take some more work to become successful at it. Those who are neck and neck with the left and right brain are perhaps the luckiest of them all. This is the category that I fall into which has allowed me to be a strong creative writer and a person who excelled in college as a psychology major. The key is doing what feels right for you and doing your best at achieving your goals.

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