5 Ways Learning a Second Language Will Improve Your Life

For many of us, the idea of learning a second language can be somewhat daunting—it seems like an impossible task. However, there are a plethora of reasons why becoming bilingual is beneficial and can improve many aspects of your life. Read on to find out why you might just want to sign up for that Spanish class after all!

Better Job Prospects

It’s no secret that the world is shrinking when it comes to business and networking. Speaking to someone across the world is no longer an epic feat, but rather something that occurs on a daily basis. Businessmen in Japan regularly network with businessmen in New York and no one thinks that it is anything unusual. Because of this, having the ability to speak to a prospective client or business partner in their native language is a huge advantage that can often put you well ahead of the field when it comes to landing a job. It will make you a valuable asset within the company and give you more opportunities than your co-workers may have, which can only lead to good things.

Ability to Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel to new and exotic places but been deterred by the idea that you won’t be able to find your way around or enjoy yourself while you’re there? Well, if you speak the native language of a country, that takes much of the worry away since you know that you’ll be able to find your way around and order the food that you enjoy eating. Besides that, many locals are much more inclined to give you better deals and more “authentic” experiences if they know that you can understand what they’re saying in their native language—to them it’s almost showing them a form of respect, that you are willing to come to their country and speak their language to communicate. Even if you don’t know much, any attempt to use their language will only help you in the long run.

Interaction with New People

Regardless of where you meet them—whether at home or abroad—the ability to communicate with people isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Especially the ability to communicate in someone’s native language—this makes them feel valued and appreciated, and will only encourage them to communicate with you more. This is a great way to make new friends and establish new relationships, and who knows where they may lead? Maybe you’ll get lucky and be invited to spend some time with them in their native country!

Improved Brain Function

Numerous studies have recently shown that being bilingual actually improves your brain function and helps you become smarter. This can give you an edge in the academic arena as well as in your professional career. Not to mention that children who grow up speaking two languages often acquire new skills faster and in a more proficient manner than their monolingual counterparts. This can also help you as you get older and being to age—speaking two languages fluently and often can keep your memory sharp and your brain functioning efficiently.

A New Hobby

Finally, speaking a second language can be an enjoyable way to spend your time and a fascinating hobby to develop. It gives you a chance to be disciplined about something and devote your time to a worthwhile effort. Many people are often looking for a new hobby and learning a language is a great one to take up.

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